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San Francisco Swank by Muratore

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Millenium_11I found myself back in the SF Millenium Tower at the end of October, shooting a very nice residence by my friends at Muratore Corp. We shot the spaces “straight” and then did a round of lifestyle images. Lots of photos, write-up, and behind-the-scenes images, after the jump!

GPP PhotoWeekend Wrap-Up

I spent the first week of November  teaching 4 days’ worth of workshops with Gulf Photo Plus, in Dubai (or, as one person I met calls it, “Du-bizzle”). I posted some behind-the-scenes shots a few days ago.

iPhone Burj Khalifa

Full write-up, more photos, including student photos, after the jump!

More Lifestyle/Interiors

You may have noticed
a steady increase in the appearance of living, breathing, humans in my photography over the past few months. While the bulk of my work is (and is likely to continue to be) straight-up interiors/architecture, I’m also having a good time experimenting with lifestyle photography. So, from time to time, I’m self-producing (read: self-financing) lifestyle shoots, as well.

Just as in the Cigar Factory Loft project, this was a property I was already familiar with, having shot it last year. When my client offered it to me to use for this project, I jumped at the chance, because I knew it had TONS of potential.

This time, there was also a video shoot happening at the same time. Malia Campbell was in town and wanted to shoot a mock “Client Testimonial” video that would appeal to her real estate client base, so we coordinated our goals and pooled resources to make the most out of the opportunity. We even shared a couple of the models!
…photos and video after the jump…



Some shots I have “pre-visualized” better than others. Sure, I always try to go into a shoot with at least some concept for the final result, and a plan for getting there, but I don’t always have every detail mapped out. And anyway, you have to be ready to roll with whatever comes up mid-shoot; it’s not at all unusual to change course completely when you find something unexpected that really works.

But sometimes, I have an absolutely vivid picture in my head, that I’m trying to replicate. This was the case with “A Clear and Present Kitchen”, when I knew, like I mean I really KNEW, what I wanted. (I didn’t realize until much later that the source of my inspiration was a scene from the Harrison Ford thriller “A Clear and Present Danger.”) For that shot, I had a really detailed vision for the final result, and due to some extensive pre-work, along with a little luck, I nailed it. I got very little sleep that night.

There is very little in life more satisfying to me than successfully replicating in a photograph the pictures I have in my head. more shots and the full story after the jump

A Clear and Present Kitchen


It could have been worse. It could have involved animals, too.

But as it was, I had non-professional volunteer adult models, about 15 children running around and watching (OK, maybe it was only 3, but it seemed like 15), 2 children who were also non-professional volunteer models, one of whom was expected to run through the set naturally. Also a video guy trying to get footage in between takes. Oh, and actually, there was a big dog present, though not part of the shot.

So, no – this was not my usual day of shooting empty interiors. full story after the jump