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Le Monde Réel Marches On


We’ve just gone live with the fourth new episode in the “Le Monde Réel” section of lightingforrealestatephotography.com.

We launched this section a few weeks ago, and new episodes are emerging from the editing process every week or ten days. Still two more to come! In them I conduct a live video chat with working photographers to discuss real-world “problem” photos they’ve sent me. We talk through the issues, propose solutions, I draw diagrams all over their lovely photos, and it’s a good time.

If you’re already a subscriber, head on over to LFRE.com and check ’em out – they’re pretty cool!

Announcing a Workshop in The Best Place On Earth

That would be British Columbia, for those of you who aren’t up on your Provincial slogans – and specifically in Vancouver. Also known as Terminal City, which sounds vaguely ominous….

Anyway, goofiness aside, I’m very much looking forward to teaching 3 days of workshops with Vancouver Photo Workshops in February. Those of you who wanted to come to Calgary, but got turned away — this is probably your best alternative.

There’ll be an evening seminar/slideshow (Saturday, 26 Feb), a “beginner’s” workshop (Sunday, 27 Feb) and two days of my ‘regular’ lighting workshops (Monday, 28 Feb, and Tuesday, 01 March).


Well, that kinda says it all — VPW is offering a 25% $25 discount on the fee if you register before Feb 01. [edit: sorry about the typo, folks…it’s dollars, not percent!]


The “beginner’s” workshop is geared towards folks who have little or no experience shooting interiors. There’s not much in the way of prerequisites other than a dSLR camera and an interest in shooting interior spaces. On this day we’ll go over the basics of interiors shooting, including exposure, composition, determining what to shoot and what to leave out, and  introduce you to using flash for interiors. This is a good workshop for real estate agents and photographers in the early stages of building skills and portfolio.

The “Intermediate to Advanced” workshops are my usual affair – both days are the same thing, so just pick the date that works best for you. We’ll be covering basic to advanced lighting setups, going into mind-numbing detail on exposure and flash behavior, and discussing composition, equipment, and workflow. Bring your gear, and your “A” game, because we’ll be pushing your comfort zone!

Announcing My Book — Lighting Interiors!

Exciting news today — I’m stoked to announce that I’ve got a book coming out — “The Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors”!

We’re scheduled for release in Mid-October (OMG – that’s only 4 weeks away…maybe I’d better hurry up and finish that intro!) I’ve been working with Larry Lohrman at photographyforrealestate.net, and this will be published as an eBook on the PFRE Media imprint. You’ll be able to order on THIS SITE, and of course there’ll be a follow-up announcement here when that’s live.

On average, I receive an email a day asking me if there’s a book, a DVD, or even a brochure describing technique. Now, finally,the answer will be “yes”.

I’ve been working on this pup for about 10 months now. Being a full-time photographer and a writer is hard! My publisher wouldn’t give me an advance, so I couldn’t take 6 months in the South of France like I wanted. Instead, I wrote it around my increasingly insane shoot schedule. I wrote chapters on airplanes. I wrote chapters at 3:00am. I pulled over to the side of the highway and made notes in my iPhone about stuff I wanted to cover.

Lighting Interiors is written for photographers who are lighting residential spaces, and it’s focused on the use of small flash (e.g. speedlights), and on the need to work fast while still producing good quality. The techniques covered are the ones I use with my real estate shoots; and you’ll find that they “scale up” well and can be applied to more exacting projects as well.

All of the images in the book are from “real” shoots, but I’ve included either set-up shots, or lighting diagrams, or both for every one, along with a written description of what I did and why. The book follows an actual shoot, from bedrooms and bathrooms to living areas to the kitchen, but we also digress in order to examine “case studies” of a variety of styles of the room in question, or to discuss post-processing, or to examine reflections in depth.

I’ve still got some writing to do before this one’s in the can, so to speak, so I’m going to end this and get back to work. Watch for a release announcement in just about 4 weeks!

Phoenix Lighting Workshop

As I mentioned last week, I’m stoked to announce two US workshops this summer — Phoenix, Arizona, and Vero Beach, Florida. Phoenix is first up (July 31/August 01) so here’s some more detail on that one. I’ll follow up with some info on Vero Beach later this week. Continue reading

Lighting a Staircase

If you follow my work, you’ll know that I have a staircase fetish. I just can’t stay away from them. To me, a good staircase is the richest subject around. They’re great metaphors, they’re visually stimulating, 3917_Greenwood_STAIRS_detailthey lend themselves well to vertical shots, and they’re technically challenging to light.

But I guess it’s the symbolism that works for me best. Stairs take you places. You can go up, you can go down….there’s all this mystery about the upper level, or the lower level, depending on where you are when you shoot them.

So anyway, I shoot them at every opportunity. And today I thought I’d walk through the process of finding a composition, and then lighting it. keep reading after the jump

Surprise, Arizona (Phoenix) Lighting Workshop

Vistas at Asant TahomaJust back from the last Interiors Lighting workshop, in Phoenix, AZ. Specifically, it was in the middle of nowhere Surprise, Arizona, about 30 minutes away.

17 photographers, two townhouses, about 50 lightstands and speedlights,  assorted umbrellas, reflectors, and diffusers, and more Pocket Wizards/Cybersyncs/Wein Peanuts than you can shake a stick at! Read more after the Jump